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Friday, April 18, 2014

Where all of the CREATING happens ❤ Tour My Art Studio

 One of my favorite things that I have seen on other peoples' blogs is something called a room tour! Funny enough, I realized that I have never done a room tour for you all and so I thought you might enjoy seeing one of my favorite rooms - my art studio!!

My art studio is actually not very big but honestly? It has everything I could ever need to use.

The kind of art studio that I have is mostly focused on traditional studio arts like drawing and painting. I do have some stuff for sculpting (like in clay) and crafting (like crocheting) but I don't spend near as much time doing those things as much as I would like to.

This is my drawing desk. It's pretty nice and my parents got it on ebay for me. I keep a sketch pad on it and also coloring pencils and markers and I usually always have something to drink handy too. I know I shouldn't drink soda that much but honestly? It tastes so good!! I love it SO much and sometimes I don't think it's that big of a deal to have a cup of it for a little treat. My desk also has a pretty nice adjustable desk lamp on it and the chair and desk top both can be adjusted so they are more comfortable for me to sit in. There's also a trashcan and a calendar for me to keep myself, my schedule, and my space a little bit more tidy.

The back wall of my studio is where I store a lot of things. I keep lots of things back there for my still life set-ups when I am doing drawing exercises. Do you ever do those? I don't actually like doing them but they are really good to do when I need to work on refining my technique or when I am feeling creatively stumped. The way it works is that if you can learn to draw well from observation, it will actually really sharpen your abilities and your eye. I have lots of fun things that I use for still-lifes like fake food, a wooden poseable maniken, and then some simple geometric wooden forms for me to practice shading techniques.

My standing easel is my most favorite thing in my studio that I rarely get to use. I have a "dirty" canvas on my easel almost always because I like to re-use canvases that I am done with and I always leave my painting palette out even though I probably should clean it up so nobody fusses with the colors I mix. 

My art studio is a very special place to me and it's also small so it's usually only big enough for me and maybe Jillian to hang out. Sometimes I will go into my art studio to work on something and I will lose track of time and then all of a sudden Jillian will be there and she will surprise me!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my art studio. I know some people do tours of their bedrooms but I thought it would be fun and nice to do a tour of my studio instead because it really is my favorite place in the world. What is YOUR favorite place in the world? Have you ever done a room tour before? Let me know because I would love to see your room tour!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SomeBUNNY got new pajamas ❤ Just My Style

I don't know if I have ever come right out and said it, but I seriously love pajamas. I don't know what it is about them but I just like them a whole lot. I would wear them constantly if it were OK and I'm always envious of babies because they basically get to wear pajamas all they want and nobody gives them a hard time. Once you get older though? Well, you just can't get away with that kind of stuff. 

My parents know how much I love pajamas and the other day they really surprised me with NEW pajamas!!! I have had some awesome pajamas before but I really think these might be the awesomest so far. 

These pajamas are a nice material for now when the weather is getting warmer (FINALLY!) and I really like the print a lot. They have cartoon-style illustrations of chicks and bunnies on them and also eggs. It's kind of funny because at first I thought they had hostess chocolate cupcakes in the design but then I realized they were actually eggs. *shrug* I like 'em a lot either way. 

The bottom part of the pajamas are nice because they are shorts that are not too short and they also came with some really nice socks with bunnies on them that sort of (but don't perfectly) match the pajama print. I like socks a lot because my house has wood floors and it can be cold on my feet sometimes so socks keep my feet warm.

I have been wearing these pajamas almost constantly because I think that even though they definitely are pajamas, I think they have a style that's kind of pretty. The top is kind of like a blouse a little but in a much more fun kind of print. I also like the little blue buttons even though they don't actually work but I don't care about that.

The other day I wore my pajamas outside of my house when I went to the mailbox to get the mail and my mailman told me they were nice pajamas even! When I came back in the house, I told my parents and they just gave me a "look" and said, "Oh, ECHO..." After that, Jillian called me and said, "Hi, Echo! I saw you getting the mail and I also saw that you have new pajamas. They look really nice!"

I guess I shouldn't wear my pajamas outside the house but I like them so much and I want to show them off. Pajamas can be clothes, right? I think pajamas should be considered to be just another kind of clothes that you can wear whenever you want to and all the day long.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fun in the Sun with My HOT dog ❤ A Photostory Series

You want to know something totally crazy about my Spring Break in Florida? I actually never did go swimming because I finally gave in to Frank not wanting to go in.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

To Swim or NOT To Swim ❤ A Photostory Series

Hi, friends!!! How are you? And how ready are you for swimming weather already? (Meaning: Summer!!!) I am REALLY ready for swimming weather (well, Summer break but you know what I mean) and I am constantly thinking back on the awesome time I had over my Spring Break visiting Portia in Florida. 

You might remember that I had vowed to wear my floatie and not take if off until I either went on Spring Break OR the Winter decided to leave (and not come back... well, at least until next year, y'know). Since I finally took my Spring Break, I was actually was able to take my floatie off but... well, I, of course wanted to put it on so I could actually finally try it out!!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

BEACH you there!!! ❤ A Photostory Series

Sooo... today I wanted to share you some photos of some amazing things that I took with me on my Spring Break but actually never got to use. *shrug* It happens like that sometimes, y'know? And you just have to be willing to "go with the flow." 

Here's what happened that was never supposed to happen when I went to Florida.
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