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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When the going gets tough...

... the tough THINK. POSITIVE!!

This is another of my new t-shirt designs that I'm hoping to release ASAP.

Hi, friends. Long time no Echo, eh? I guess technically that's not a picture of me. (But it is my bestie Jillian and who doesn't need more Jillian in their lives, right? (The girl is just pure sweet sunshine - I tell ya what!) Still... here I (sort of) am!!!

The last time I blogged, I shared some of the new designs for the graphic tee line that I sell in my etsy shop. I really want to do a big release more than just the new shirt designs that I will be selling but I have a bunch more things that I need to photograph and get ready to list - namely some fun new jewelry including these necklaces...
Here's a shot of them all on my sketchbook a long LONG time ago from instagram. 

Anyway, I don't know how realistic it is that I get all of these photographed and edited up in order to list them on etsy so maybe I will do "mini" releases of the different things that I want to sell. By doing it that way, you all can have a chance at getting a look at some of my new designs a little more quickly. :) I know I've REALLY made you all wait a very long time for things and I am so thankful for your patience and I want to be good on my word that I will be getting things out there sooner (for YOU) rather than later.

Thank you again for reading my blog and keeping up with the very spotty updates that I've done and if you've been keeping up with my instagram, thanks (also) for connecting with me there too. I have off from school for the rest of this week so I'm hoping I can get a lot of work done to get caught my etsy shop caught up AND maybe even do something special in the spirit of my FAVORITE holiday ever: THANKSgiving.

(Keep an eye out on my instagram for that "something special," OK? Hint: It's going to be all about GIVING because I'm so thankful to have you in my life.)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More than I can count or imagine!

You want to know what my most favorite type of clothing is? It's the t-shirt. (Or is it tee shirt? Makes no difference to me.)

I don't know what it is about t-shirts but I really really love them. I feel like you can dress them up as much as you can dress them down and you can wear them every day as much as you can wear them every night (as pajamas). I mean surely there are times when t-shirts shouldn't be worn as much as something else but honestly? I don't know. I think they might be the most perfect type of clothing EVER. And that's why I have put a lot into making them a major part of my upcoming Fall release when I finally re-open my etsy shop. 

As things stand currently, I'm going to be opening with more than a dozen new t-shirt designs and while that seems like a lot, it's actually not that much because I have a ton more in my design and idea sketchbook that I didn't even make only because I don't know that I could or should do all of them. (Should I?)(No, seriously... should I?)

Two of my newest designs are below. My new friend Ramsey Rae is wearing one that is book/reading-themed because she is a self-professed "book-a-holic" and the other design is part of a whole themed collection that features animals of all sorts. 

My very favorite design of all of the more than 12 that I will be releasing though is this one:

What do you think???!!!!!! Do you recognize the bow-tied specs that are the centerpiece of the whole design????!!! I love my glasses so so much and even though I wear my double-bowed glasses more than my single bow ones (I got my double-bow ones for this school year) I still have my single bow ones to wear them sometimes.

I've been wanting to do a "signature" t-shirt design for a while but I didn't want to use my official logo (that you see up there as my website header). I feel like my bow-tied glasses are just the thing to use for a good shirt design though so that's why I used them instead. And even better than just the design are the words that go along with it. :)

I've been sharing sneak peeks on my instagram since the most recent weekend so if you want to see sneak peeks faster than how I show them on my blog then follow my instagram! I will be announcing things here on the blogsite too (of course) and I hope to do my official re-opening some time after this coming weekend. I'm going to try and have some of what I have had that's been popular (macarons and other shirt designs included) and then all of my new shirt designs as well.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bubbling over with all sorts of good stuff

Hi, friends! You might have noticed that my etsy shop is currently in 'vacation mode.' Sorry about just doing that and not really saying too much when it happened. As it might seem, things have been quite exciting for me with everything that has been going on since school started and I just had to cave and tuck myself away for a bit. (I'll try and go into greater detail about this at some point but if you can't wait for that, check my instagram because I was able to share most of what has been happening a week or so back.)
Anyway... I'm working really REALLY hard to re-open my etsy shop so that I can offer a lot of what I have offered that has been really popular - like the rainbow macaron sets and the lace cap-sleeved shirts with all sorts of fun designs - and I'm also getting ready to unveil all sorts of new designs! Before the summer was even out, I wanted to do a Fall release some time in September and October but here we are at the start of November and I still haven't done it!!! Well... I'm working on changing that and I'm just BUBBLING over with excitement.

One of the biggest bits of news that I have to share is something that people have been asking for but that I haven't been able to do until now!!! Some folks have asked for me to offer some of my shirt designs in other sizes and I'm happy to report that I finally can do that thanks to Red Bubble. What you will find in my current Red Bubble online shopfront includes a fun (and fine) assortment of items from shirts (adult and child sizes and for guys and gals alike) to mugs to STICKERS (I just love stickers!!!!) to even phone cases. I don't have all of my designs available on my Red Bubble just yet but if you can't wait for my official etsy Fall release - check out my Red Bubble because it will clue you in on what WILL be on Etsy soon enough.

This is just a screenshot of a little of what you see on my RedBubble shop. You can see it for yourself HERE.

Thank you again for bearing with me as I try and get myself back onto my feet! Can't wait to see you next time when I have more information about my Fall release!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ramsey Rae can brighten any day

Thank you, everybody, for the way you have left me comments and been so supportive and encouraging to me in the past month or so while I've been any place but here. It's been a really REALLY rough month for me because I have been having really bad issues with a heart condition that I have had to deal with over the past few years. Also (this is the bigger issue lately),  I've been dealing with the fact that my dad might have cancer. 

There's been lots of testing that's happened and it's not been determined that he does have it but they still have yet to rule it out the way they've been able to rule out lots of other things so far.  Today is a big day for my dad/our family because he goes in for what should probably be the last stage of testing that will determine truly what is causing all of the issues. We find out test results later on this week (if all goes well) and perhaps we might finally have some much needed answers. 

To say that this all has been really hard on my dad/my family/myself would be would be a ridiculous understatement. Just the possibility of cancer is devastating to us as we've already had to deal with this twice with a brother and a sister of my dad's (so an uncle and aunt) who both passed on within the past two years and then once with another aunt (also his sister) who has been fighting (and is now remission finally!!!) cancer over the past three years. Perhaps it's silly to even think it but I just thought that my dad could never possibly end up having it, too. 

Much like you all, my friends have been so wonderful for me through all of this. Jillian has been the best (as she always is) even though she's got a super busy schedule with gymnastics AND school and mini Saige and Frank have also really been great company to have when I just want to/need to/ end up sitting and crying because I just can't help myself. And I've also been blessed to have another good friend who is quickly proving to be another other other other BEST friend. (So, if you are counting? I have FOUR friends who are my besties!!! Isn't that amazing? How blessed am I???!!!)

My newest best friend has not been formally introduced mostly because we've all just been spending a ton of time hanging out and getting to know one another. Basically? Jillian, mini Saige, Frank, and I have been "hogging" her all to ourselves because she's just such a fun and sweet and NICE and awesome girl. We've realized that it's not fair that we keep doing this though so it's finally time for you all to meet her!!! Please say hello and meet my new amazing bestie, Ramsey Rae!

Ramsey Rae is brand new around here not only because I just met her but also because she just moved here from North Carolina. She moved up here to the DC area because her mom grew up in Northern Virginia (which is just outside of DC) and her grandmother is getting older so they wanted to be closer/near by in order to help out her grandma who needs more help these days.

Ramsey's full name is Ramsey Rae Robins. She was named after her grandfather (Ray Ramsey) because there were never any sons born on her mother's side to carry on the family name AND also because her grandfather Ray (who isn't alive anymore) was a really amazing man. Her last name is Robins and comes from her father (who she doesn't live with except on some holidays and some long school breaks) because her parents got divorced a few years ago and they both moved to different states.

Ramsey has been a really REALLY great friend to me lately because (as I have already mentioned so far) she's been through a whole lot in her life. Also, her mom is a doctor of psychology and she does counseling for people AND works as a professor (teaching psychology and counseling courses) at the college level. Ramsey know a lot about how to get through really hard stuff in life and she's a super great listener and she's just plain really loving and she gives great advice if you ask her for it. She NEVER gives advice unless you ask for it though because she really does focus a lot on just trying to listen and be there for you. She always says that one of the greatest gifts that a person to give to another is to just be present and that's what she tries to do. (AND she's really REALLY good at it.)

Jillian and I have both been able to spend a lot of time with Ramsey in order to really get to know her better and that's been great since - 1) there's a lot of new and really great things to learn about her in order to really know her and 2) she's just such a great friend to know especially in a time like now when I've been having just the worst time of things. Don't get me wrong - Jillian and mini Saige and Frank have been AWESOME and I haven't been able to get through any of this without them too but having Ramsey in the mix now too has been such an incredible blessing beyond anything I ever could have realized I would need right now.

Anyway, I've got more pictures of Ramsey Rae (but we don't always call her that - Jillian and I just think it's so neat that she has TWO names) but I just wanted to share this much today at least since I have been "teasing" you all so much with them. I'm going to share more of the pictures with you throughout the rest of this week so check back on the blog and keep an eye on my instagram for them. :)

Thanks for being patient with me and reading my blog! I'm glad I can finally share all of this with you all and if you could keep my family in your prayers and thoughts, I would so appreciate that. I'll see you later this week with more pictures of Ramsey.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bows make anything better, right?

Sorry I haven't been around, friends.

I've had a really really difficult start to my school year this year. I've had some pretty serious health problems and then some stuff has been going on in my family that's just really REALLY hard and more serious. I can't talk about it openly (yet) but I will be able to soon. I hate making you wait but honestly, it's stuff that I need to figure out how to talk about for my own understanding as well so it works out that I just don't say anything yet.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have been thinking of all of you a ton AND I so treasure the connection and friendships that I have made with so many of you. All of this and my best friends (that you already know about) AND one more new friend (who you all will meet soon enough) has really helped me realize how important it is to have good friends in your life. I'm learning that the way it works is that "when the going gets tough, YOUR FRIENDS can be exactly what you need to help you get going and KEEP GOING." This is especially true when you don't want to keep going because what you know you're going to is something you don't want to deal with at all. I'm so blessed and thankful that I have good friends to be here for me and go "there" with me. I pray for them daily and I don't know how I would do it if I didn't have them.

If you are going through a really tough time too, I will be praying for YOU that you have some good friends to help you go through it, too. And if you need a good friend? I'm glad to try and be that for you as best as I can even now in a time when I'm going through something hard, too. After all, to have good friends to begin with, it definitely helps that you should BE a good friend to start with.

I will try my best to get back on here more so that I can finally share with you all of the stuff I haven't been able to as much as the stuff that has had to be put on hold because I just haven't been able to be on here. (Does any of that make sense? Welcome to my world lately! Stuff just not making any sense...)

Thank you again for bearing with me and loving me as much as I love all of you - whether I'm here a whole lot or not. ;)

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