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Monday, July 21, 2014

It's almost time!! And I am getting SO excited...

 Hi, friends! I'm getting super close and SUPER excited about the fact that I am going to be able to finally do my summer release for my etsy shop!!! I have been working on getting together lots of new and fun designs and then working to actually CREATE them and make them happen. I have some new painted jackets along with some options to purchase painted-to-order favorites that I have already sold...

And I also have been working on a new new line of clothing separates. Lace is trending right now and I absolutely LOVE it and so I decided to take a lace t-shirt and pair it with some fun and sassy graphic designs for a twist on graphic tees! I designed them on my computer and then I printed them on transfer paper and I can put them on the lace cap-sleeved white t-shirts. They are SUPER cute and stylish and look great dressed up or down. Here are some of the ones that I will be unveiling when I do my release...

I will also be selling custom made charm bracelets - to your specifications so they are uniquely yours. I'll show you pictures of that on another day though and just tell you that you won't have to wait long for them since I think I'm going to be able to do my release by the end of the week!!! Thanks so much for being patient with me and supporting me and my little design and CREATION business. I definitely can't (and wouldn't) do it without YOU. You. Are. THE. BEST!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Everybody needs a best friend like my best friend

Thank goodness for Friday! Because this week has been SO busy for me and I needed the weekend to get here at least two days ago. I know I owe you the last part of the "to be continued" from my last blog post but I have to tell you something important. 

I've been so busy this summer - busier than I've ever been - because I have been working like crazy. I got a job at my school's summer program to be a Counselor-In-Training (CIT) so that I can hopefully be a real counselor next summer. When I'm not working to do that? I'm working like crazy at home to try and make my summer release happen.

The summer release was supposed to happen today because today is my birthday and I thought that could be kind of fine. Not only did I want to get all sorts of new stuff debuted on my Etsy shop but I also wanted to do some special giveaways. Well... it's not happening today because it's just all so much work to get done!! And all of this means that I have had very little time to play OR hang out and have fun. Still, my best friend in the whole entire world, Jillian, has been awesome about it even though I'm hardly ever able to really hang out. In fact, she's SO awesome that first thing this morning she surprised me with the most special birthday gift I think I might ever get for all of the rest of my life...

Jillian gave me a charm bracelet!!!! Isn't it amazing and beautiful?!!! I just cannot get over it. I love it so so so SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!! I mean -WOW!

Jillian has been asking me for the last month (at least) about jewelry and it turns out this is the reason why she was asking! She wanted to give me something really special for my birthday and this charm bracelet is what she came up with. It is SO special because even though it's really obviously pretty, it's also very sentimental and personal because each of the charms on the bracelet has special meaning to me (and between Jillian and me, also).

There are five charms on the bracelet. There is an elephant charm, a pink cupcake, a pretty vintage key, a charm that says 'Believe' and a fortune cookie! Jillian knows me really REALLY well and she picked them all for specific reasons. The elephant charm is because 1) I really REALLY love elephants and 2) Jillian always says I have a memory like an elephant because I remember everything so many things and apparently elephants are just like that! The pink cupcake charm is because I love the color pink, baking, and also she says I'm "just the sweetest" the way a cupcake is. *aw shucks!* The pretty vintage key is kind of a fun one because we always talk about how we don't have keys to each others' houses but we should get them someday and when we do? We really REALLY want them to be pretty and vintage looking (just like the charm).

The 'believe' charm is super special because Jillian always says that I have a special gift of believing in others (including her) and helping them to believe in themselves and also, I just have really strong faith that she really respects. And the last one is the fortune cookie and that one is so fun and a little silly. You know how fortune cookies always have numbers on the back of them and also words in Chinese with how to say them on the back? Well, Jillian actually doesn't speak Chinese (and neither do I) but we always try and learn the words and try and say them and use them in conversation. We honestly don't even like the fortunes on the front or the "lucky numbers" on the back. We just like the words and trying to learn them - it's just a thing we have always done.

I just love this charm bracelet so much. It's definitely one of the nicest and most thoughtful things I have ever been given and I will absolutely treasure it forever. It's just so beautiful and classic and I could honestly keep it on and wear it all the time because it goes with everything! Jillian even said that it could be an "heirloom" because I could save it and then pass it down to my own children when I grow up and have a family. I think that's a pretty special idea.

Do YOU have anything special that you have ever received kind of like my charm bracelet from Jillian? Why is it so special to you? Do you still have it? Or... have you ever given anyone something so special like this bracelet? I would love to hear about it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's all fun and games until the SHARK comes out to play

Did you know that the summer is about half way finished already? I cannot even believe it. This summer is flying by for me and I don't like that one bit at all. I have been working so much at my summer job and I haven't had a whole lot of time to do my very favorite thing in the world - be with my best friends: Jillian, mini Saige, and Frank.

For as busy as things have been for me though, I'm trying my best to not totally work away the summer. Sometimes simple fun is the best kind of fun to have and I got to have just that kind last weekend. Jillian came over and we helped Frank and mini Saige play a very serious game of dominoes with this super fun set that my grandparents got for me when they went on vacation to Puerto Rico. I helped Frank and Jillian helped mini Saige.

Have you ever played with dominoes before? There are a few ways that you can play with them. One way is to set them on end and line them up in crazy arrangements and then push one over at the end and watch them all fall down (because of the "domino effect") but you can also play fun games with them too.

Frank really REALLY wanted to play an actual game with them and he challenged mini Saige to a game - just the two of them. Mini Saige is pretty easy going and will do just about anything you might invite her to do so (of course) she gladly accepted the invitation from Frank.

Here's something about Frank that you might not know though: He is VERY competitive when it comes to just about any game and dominoes is definitely included in that. Also, Frank is SO competitive he is willing to do just about anything to win and that includes being a cheater sometimes. *shakes head* It's very ridiculous sometimes and I try and tell him that cheating is bad but he is just so focused on winning that he ignores me.

I felt kind of bad for mini Saige (and Jillian too) because they were trying so hard to be patient with Frank and set a good example by following the rules but Frank just kept trying to bend or break them in order to win. Jillian just kept giving Frank "the look" in order to let him know that she was watching him and he better not do anything crazy.

Frank is so sneaky though and he has all of these tricks that he pulls out in order to distract you from what he is really doing and even right in front of your face!!!

At one point, Jillian tried to let him know that she was onto Frank and his "games" (she knows all about how sneaky he can be) and she said, "Frank... we can see you LICKING all of the pieces. That's gross but don't think that is going to stop us from playing this game with you. We are onto your tricks!"

Mini Saige was being so polite and just waiting her turn while Jillian was sticking up for her and that's just how it goes sometimes. Frank gets all sneaky and starts trying all sorts of nutty things and then either Jillian or me have to really use a stern voice with him to let him know he absolutely cannot do that and he better stop. I mean, it's just wrong, y'know? We are all just trying to get along and play a nice game of dominoes and Frank is slobbering all over the pieces so they are gross to touch!

And then once we are all upset about slobbered up pieces with Frank's spit, he gets REALLY sneaky and starts trying to take and hide the pieces so we can't get them or use them in the game!!!

Once it gets to that point, Jillian and I always have to say, "OK. STOP THE GAME. Let's all think about the fact that right now not all of us are playing fair and we need to do that if we are going to have fun OR even be able to play the game at all. "

Frank usually starts to whine when things get to this point because he knows he has been caught right in the act of trying to shark everyone and he knows that sharking is NOT allowed when we play games.

The crazy thing is, we are ALWAYS going through this!!! It always Always ALWAYS ends up like this no matter what game we play.

And through it all, mini Saige is just so nice and pleasant while Jillian and I are trying to get Frank to cooperate and play the game FAIR and by the rules because that's just how mini Saige is. *shrug* (Which is exactly why she is my other other best friend to begin with!)

{To be continued...}

Monday, July 7, 2014

Shhh... can you keep secrets? ❤ From Echo With Love on Etsy

Hi, friends! How is your summer going? (And how in the world is it July already?) 

I don't know about you but I have been super-duper busy this summer because I have been WORKING!!! Not only have I been working a summer job in a counselor-in-training program at my school's day camp (it's a lot of work but it's also kind of fun, too) but I've also been working on things for a summer release in my Etsy shop!!! 

As always, I post sneak peeks on my instagram but I wanted to share some of them with you all too. Here are some of the latest things I have shared that you will see in my Etsy shop soon...

A new painted jacket design! Are you a fan of "The Fault In Our Stars" (TFIOS)?
These are hand-painted to look like the GALAXY!!!
Here is another new hand-painted jacket design that is the galaxy and Dr. Who's Tardis!
(Are you a WHOvian? Dr. Who is such a fun and imaginative show.)

And my favorite thing of all... 
Hope you enjoyed some of these sneak peeks of the fun things to come in my Etsy shop! I really want to debut everything in an official Summer release by next week in celebration of my birthday on Friday, July 11th but I'm going to be cutting it really REALLY close. I will let you all know when I do finally get everything together and it will all go live though. Keep an eye on my instagram and here on my blog to be the first to find out!

Friday, June 13, 2014

If You're Not Reading The Doll Mag, You Should Be

Hello to YOU! And also hello to summer vacation finally starting!!! (For me at least)

Today officially starts summer break for me and it just couldn't get here fast enough because all I really want to do is be able to hang out with my three best friends and do more artwork (that I haven't been able to do in FOREVER) and update my etsy shop! School doesn't make that very easy though so I'm always thankful when I can get a break from it. 

Anyway, I wanted to share something kind of fun with you! Have you ever heard of The Doll Mag? It's another amazing blog that I like to read that also publishes an electronic version of a full magazine every couple of months!!! There most recent issue came out at the beginning of May for May/June and their next issue comes out in July for July/August (I think).  They have really REALLY good articles, excellent editing, and BEAUTIFUL visual design that pulls everything together to make it be a completely legit magazine just for us 18-inch pals and gals and those who love them. 

The cover of their most recent issue!
I HIGHLY recommend that you read their latest issue because... I was asked to be contribute to it!!!!!!!!! *insert CrazyHappySuperEXCITED face here*

The Doll Mag writers and editors have always been super-duper supportive and encouraging to me and my little website and have given me shout-outs on their blog but in March/April when they were planning and writing content for their May/June issue, they reached out to me and asked so kindly if I would answer some questions and offer them some pictures to put in a feature that they had about popular doll blogs! (see mine at the bottom of the screenshot below)

I was SO flattered that they wanted me to contribute to their magazine because 1) The Doll Mag is amazing on a level that I am constantly blown away by, 2) The other blogs featured are AMAZING and have been around a lot longer than I have, and 3) I only just earlier this year got started with my own site and I cannot believe how far it's gone and that people are actually liking it! (Below is a closer view of the feature that they did with answers and pictures that they asked me to give them) 

So, I just wanted to share this with you all in case you didn't know about it already - either because The Doll Mag is new to you OR you had forgotten about it. I also wanted to share it with you to ENCOURAGE you to keep up with or start your own blogging adventures if you have ever thought of doing it but just haven't been able to! 

Starting this website and trying to keep up with it has definitely been some work for me to do and even though I haven't done the greatest job with it (especially recently - sorry about that!), we all have to start somewhere and who knows where you could end up going with it if you just keep trying and keeping at it no matter how much it challenges or discourages you. I mean, I know I don't always get it right but I feel like that's small potatoes compared to the fact that I'm not willing to give up no matter what. 

Who knows, y'know? I mean... YOUR blogsite could be the next one that I read about in The Doll Mag. I'm definitely looking forward to THAT especially. (Maybe even more than what summer might bring my way!)

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