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Monday, March 24, 2014

Don't you just LOVE a good sale? ❤ Save 15% on Etsy

Hello everybody!!! I am SO excited to announce that I have had my Etsy shop open for a full month now. So hard to believe it's only been a month because I definitely feel like a real business person - like a FOR REAL one.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate the fact that I have been business for a month by have my first sale!!! Starting TODAY you can get 15% off your purchase in my etsy shop. Use the code: SPRINGTHING15 and 15% will be knocked off your total amount when you go to check out. Isn't that so neat?!!

This Spring Sale coupon code will expire on March 31st so you have about a week to use it on anything that I have in my shop. This includes the new Kawaii Macaron individually sold cookies and even the hand-painted jackets that I still have for sale - the One Direction design is still available and so is the Mermaid one. There is also one pair of ECHOES shoes (like TOMS shoes) left and once that pair is gone? I probably won't be making any more of those so don't wait on that if you wanted them. I am working on a new shoe design though AND I'm also working on a fun new faux food item.

So... if you haven't had a chance to check out my etsy shop OR buy something from it yet, now is a great time to do that since there is this great sale going on! Just don't forget that you need to use the code: SPRINGTHING15 to get the 15% off AND don't forget that it expires on March 31st.

Thanks again for reading my blog, supporting my business and following me on my instagram!!! I love being able to share the things I create with you and also the things that I LOVE like hanging out with Jillian and Frank, reading your ECHOmail requests, or just plain having silly fun.

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